Under the baton of the Romanian guest conductor Florin Totan, the entire programme had a vitality and elegance rarely matched. Maestro Totan demanded and secured playing which ranged from the quietest possible pianissimo and delicate tenderness to full blooded forte of great majesty and intensity, and all was achieved by real personal commitment to the music. The performance of Gershwins Cuban ouverture was stunning Totans reading of the 2nd symphony of Sibelius was wholly convincing In the finale maestro Totan really achieved a true consummation to the entire symphony a truly memorable performance! Bravo!
SOUTHAMPTON EVENING ECHO, Southampton 3.02.1995

A triumph of the most hottest ones apotheosis of the tournament was during the concert in Avignon, the Romanian conductor was extraordinary (all this magic world) with the baton, hands, mouth, eyes, head or the body, in short, all his being was screaming music (tout son être criait la musique). Orchestra has achieved such success that he was obliged to give several encores, and its conductor, young and tall, beautiful and charming,. .. was a magnificent concert tour in Provence
LE PROVENCAL, Avignon 23.07.1992

He conducted an exuberant the 2nd concert of the festival. Totan transforms and transfigures with his contagious verve
LECO DI BERGAMO, Bergamo – 20.02.2001

The final Concert (after the In Memoriam Celibidache classes at the Conservatory of Braga / Portugal) was conducted with mastery by Maestro Florin Totan, a great figure of Romanian music, that gives conducting lectures and concerts in Bucharest and all over the world to work with the Romanian Maestro is a privilege for young Portuguese musicians, and his exigency and working methods have transformed the young Portuguese musicians in true professionals.
A VOZ DE MINHO, Braga-Portugal 13.07.2005

Two world premieres and two Romanian premieres within the symphonic concerts of the Romanian Music Festival in London. The concert was conceived and directed by Florin Totan with strength and conviction, while highlighting special contribution of strings and blowers. The Song of Voivod Lupu was played with great wealth of sounds, and “The Wallachian Dance was a real qualitative leap, culmination of the whole program.
Mr. Evan Dickerson – chronic on the site of the British critics 12/12/2005

Under the heading Maestro Totan – a special guest” Doina Meiseles further notes: The audience was charmed by the charismatic and talented Romanian conductor Florin Totan, and applauded for minutes on end at the conclusion of the concert. Mastering the orchestra with certainty and prestige, Florin Totan impressed by his art mastery. The vitality and the authenticity of leading the orchestra, the nobless and elegance of his gestures, the absolute professionalism of this excellent conductor enter his name without doubt among the masters of modern times”.
ORIENT EXPRESS , Tel Aviv 21.02.2000